Högni - Shed Your Skin (ALB012)

Dear Friends

Hereby we want to announce the new release on Albumlabel: Högni - Shed Your Skin (ALB012) - out in late May.

This will be a very, very special release. First of all it´s the kick-off of our new series with President Bongo and his project „Les Aventures de President Bongo“ (Radio Bongo / Albumlabel) that features studio/production work of President Bongo and guests. This first album includes guest star Högni from Iceland. The album will be available on vinyl only and is very, very limited and is co-financed by karolinafund. So if you want to be sure to get a copy - get it here and now:



Cummi Flu and Raz Ohara create an extremely fine psychedelia, a kind of dark psychedelic classicism or urban voodoo music. ‘Y' is a jungle album for listeners to lose themselves in. For instance, we hear something that sounds like polyphonic, distorted whistling, but can't exactly be placed. And the fact is, it doesn't really matter. The longer you listen, the less you are interested in determining the origins of individual sounds.



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Ofrin's new album "ORE" is defined by the lacking musical elements, causing tension and drive throughout. Over the past few years artists have played into listener's expectations too much,  OFRIN refuses to fall victim to that particular practice. Come to Ofrin's record release show at Roter Salon, May 8th.



08.05.2016 // 20:00 UHR

Mangel macht kreativ, heißt es. Für gewöhnlich erleben wir Mangel wohl eher als frustrierend. Ist halt doof, wenn wir etwas nicht haben, das wir gerne hätten, womöglich sogar brauchen. Kreativitätstheoretiker würden nun wahrscheinlich die Frustration als Motor für schöpferische Tätigkeit identifizieren und damit dem Satz, dass Mangel kreativ macht, zustimmen. Bei OFRIN jedenfalls ist das genau andersrum. Was die gebürtige Israelin und Wahlberlinerin betreibt, ist die Erzeugung von Mangel. Ihre Kreativität stellt sie in den Dienst der hohen Kunst des Weglassens. Einer Kunst, die sie meisterlich beherrscht. Auf ihrem neuen Album ORE ist entscheidend, welche musikalischen Elemente eben nicht zum Einsatz kommen. Und irgendwas fehlt immer. Mangel erzeugt bei OFRIN nichts als Spannung und Drive. Das Spiel mit Hörerwartungen, über die Jahre so oft beschworen, dass es inzwischen zu einem hohlen Topos erstarrt ist, wird von ihr wieder seiner wahren Bedeutung zugeführt.

OFRIN ist nicht nur Musikerin, sondern auch Videokünstlerin. Zu ihrem Album ORE hat sie eine mehrteilige Videoarbeit erstellt. Ein Ansatz, den sie mit ihrem letzten Video-Musik-Projekt THE BRINGER entwickelt hatte. ORE erzählt eine archetypische Geschichte über zwei gegensätzliche Kräfte innerhalb eines Universums. Dabei stützt sich die Narration auf astrophysikalische Phänomene und verbindet so reales Universum mit erfundenem Universum.
Für die hervorragende Produktion ihres neuen Albums zeichnet sich Labelkollege T.RAUMSCHMIERE verantwortlich. ORE ist OFRINs viertes Studioalbum.

VIDEOPREMIERE: Ofrin zeigt Clip zu „Träume“

Die israelische Musikerin Ofri Brin hat unter ihrem Alter Ego Ofrin neue Musik aufgenommen. ORE, so der Titel ihres vierten Albums, erscheint am 6. Mai bei Albumlabel und erschafft eine entrückte Klangwelt zwischen TripHop, 80er-Wave-Sounds und Ambiente. Bevor das Album, das von Ofrins Labelkollegen T.RAUMSCHMIERE produziert wurde, veröffentlicht wird, feiert die Wahlberlinerin schon jetzt eine Premiere.

Mit „Träume“ hat sich die Musikerin eines Francoise-Hardy-Covers angenommen. Das ästhetische Video, das mit Dunkelheit, Schatten und zeitgenössischem Tanz arbeitet, könnt Ihr bereits jetzt bei uns sehen:


With the exception of two tracks they contributed to compilations released by labels run by mutual friends (Monkeytown and Shitkatapult), Mullinix and Meteo never put these recordings out for others to hear. The two have maintained a strong friendship over the years and recently decided that it was the right time to release a complete album featuring 6 of the recordings plus two alternative mixes under the name MM Studio - Good Star Dubs.



President Bongo began properly mastering his craft as a founding member of the band GusGus, which has steadily gone from strength to strength since forming in 1995. 
As GusGus evolved and progressed through the years Bongo remained a key element, making innumerable contributions to its ongoing success through his work, which ranged from design, film & photography to singing, songwriting & production. In spring 2015 he left GusGus to concentrate on his own solo career.

Get it here: www.shopkatapult.com


Sometimes compilations can feel awkward and stifled, and sound as if they've been cobbled together on a whim. This one suffers no such indecision. Autopilot is a mix of forward thinking stuff collated from other (German) labels and unreleased stuff from German based alt/urban-electro worthies like Guido Moebius, Nils Frahm, F.S.Blumm and Miwon. The name of this particular LP is a great one, as it really captures the laconic mood of the contents. The Opener, Air Cushion Finish's Single Black Hole sounds like it's doped up to the eyeballs and Mesak and Guido Möbius's Babel in Port to Mesak just take up the beat and add yet more whimy and wobbly electro.
This fact can work against the album as a "listening experience" especially if you're not in the mood for introspection; and outside of the odd track (where the plod becomes a stately trot - as on Lars Paukstat's It Was Not Me) there is very little variation to the steady, mid tempo or the quiet, sometimes beatless passages that set the tone throughout. At times the tracks float about in a fog of their own making. Just check out Sprinintgut's Northface Springs, Black To Comm's Oocyte Oil, and Mini Pops Junior's Lifted 2nd Take; which are very woozy efforts. Whilst these tracks are very pretty indeed, well constructed and full of intriguing subtleties, there's only so much gentle abstraction you can take at any one time. You may get numbed by this, and overlook some pieces that deserve more of your attention. Because there are many great moments here: F.S. Blumm 's Vor Buschsen is a meditative jewel and Guido Möbius's mix of The Marble Man's Festung is equally great. The best thing here is Miwon's Shutter, a magisterial smooch which is worth the LP price alone.

Overall a great one for sticking on on a lazy or hungover afternoon; and you should give it time.

CUMMI FLU - Record Release Konzert

Donnerstag: 16.04.15
Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
Urban Spree / Berlin

Cummi Flu ( Album Label / Live )
Air Cushion Finish ( Biesentales Rec / Live )
Spatzhabibi ( Polychrome Sounds / DJ )
Daniel Meteo ( Album Label / DJ )





Ein Klangpuzzle. Einem Puzzle, dessen Teile sich nicht immer nahtlos aneinander fügen. Manche stehen quasi an den Rändern etwas über, so dass sich ein irgendwie unebener Gesamteindruck ergibt. Und genau diese Doerellsche Unschärfe oder Mehrdeutigkeit ist es, die seine Musik so besonders macht.
Live präsentiert Cummi Flu seine Gummi Beats und Geräuschloops mit der rückwärtssingenden Tänzerin Lady Ived , die sich in einer Videoinstallation bewegt .


der homeopathische Punk von AIR CUSHION FINISH .

...there are preconceived islands, and the music drifts in free-form manner among them. Beautiful, involving and truly uncanny.
The Big City / Best Pop albums 2014 about “Spree”

die DJs Spatzhabibi und Labelchef Daniel Meteo .

Eintritt: 10,- €
FACEBOOK - Record Release Infos

OUT NOW: Cummi Flu - Z (ALB004)

Cummi Flu is the latest persona of ever morphing, multi-media illusionist Oliver Doerell. Originating from Brussels, the analogue-electronic pioneer has been the driving force behind earlier incarnations Dictaphone and SWOD, as well as embodying the Odd Orchestra of Raz Ohara. Well-versed in downbeat electronics, Cummi Flu sees Doerell explore his acid-laced visions of psychedelic forms and frequencies. The album Z (ALB004) is available in stores now, or order here: http://www.shopkatapult.com



"Khan's Radio Hour" is a one hour mix of tracks that usually end up last on an album's tracklisting. Those tracks the artist does not know where to place. The tracks that do not 'fit'.
These songs are usually quite square in the beginning when you start listening to an album, but in many cases become your favorite track in the end. In a radio style I compiled those out-takes with voice over introductions to give it more of a radio feel. The opening track on here is from my latest album 'The Enlightenment Machine', the song 'Everybody Is A Bell' wants to make clear that not only is each song a cosmos by itself but also every person has it's own sound or ring, and that's why life is beautiful. Enjoy!"