ABOUT - The idea of founding a new label came spontaneously and it was not an easy task, even though we had already had long been running Shitkatapult, a label for electronic extravagances. We are also very dedicated to the publishing side of our enterprise, Random Noize Musick, through which we represent artists such as Apparat, Oval, Raz Ohara, Phon.o, T.Raumschmiere and many others.

Despite this, we felt the need to establish another label platform that would provide a forum for artists we have known and appreciated for many years. And so ALBUMLABEL was born, a label that focuses expressly on the traditional responsibilities of a record company: releasing albums and collaborating with its artists over the long term. A label that hands the stage over completely to its musicians.

With our first release MOKSHA by RAZ OHARA we have opened a space full of organic, abstract yet accessible music – music that only reveals itself in its entirety through the full length of the album. Moksha is the first release on Albumlabel (ALB). Starting a new label in a hectic, fast-moving musical landscape like this, is indeed a bold statement, especially since Albumlabel’s mission is to do exactly what labels have done in the past: build strong relationships with artists and offer continued support over a long period of time. Certainly an anachronistic move, when everyone else is after quick bucks and selling individual tracks. This rather old-school approach also implies that any release by Albumlabel (ALB) takes time to make – and to take in as well: That said, Moksha by Raz Ohara is a perfect starting point, because it’s a cave of forking paths that change direction every time you reenter. On one hand, it is an anachronism in an era where the music sales chain is increasingly focused on single tracks.

The second release is the perfect follow-up: THE ENLIGHTENMENT MACHINE by KHAN, who lays smoky bongos under songs out of dreams, as it was the most normal thing in the world. These are musical moments to catch our breath and shift down a gear in the workings of the music industry. This was another reason for us to create a new label, responding with a centered, serene outlook to a music business that continues to spiral at an ever faster pace.

The third release will be THE NEST which was established in 2011. Comprising of Christoph Clöser (“Bohren & der Club of Gore”), Tycho Schottelius (“Desmond Denker”), Thomas Mahmoud and Gerald Mandl (both “Tannhäuser Sterben & das Tod”), they have created their own blend of electro-acoustic, jazz and noise. SAYWEENJOY, Albumlabel!!!




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