Artist: THE NEST


Label: Albumlabel

Cat#: ALB003

Format: CD / LP / Digital

Release: 23.05.2014





THE NEST are releasing their new album SAYWEENJOY on Albumlabel in May 2014. The album was recorded in one weekend by musicians Christoph Clöser, Thomas Mahmoud, Gerald Mandl and Tycho Schottelius at Neuköln Studios in Cologne-Mülheim, and mixed a few weeks later at Ministerium in Berlin. Whereas the music on their previous album ‘Music for Drivers’ came across as much more fragmented and fractured, the new album features skillfully arranged songs that lie somewhere between contemporary electronics, musique concrète and jazz. The album’s language is warm, cynical, upbeat, cold, dark, claustrophobic, neurotic and unpredict- able, all at once – in the spirit of our times, yet full of humor. It is a musical language that knows no fear or boundaries. The vocals and the singing support the rhythms more than the musical phrases and melodies. They often have a sample-like quality in dialogue with the saxophone, which embodies the actual lead vocals and melody of the music, giving it a soul. SAYWEENJOY is more danceable than John Zorn, but clunkier than Madonna.



  • 01 // EINLEITUNG
  • 02 // KAIROS
  • 03 // ERIKA
  • 04 // TIME
  • 05 // CARGO
  • 06 // SAYWEENJOY
  • 07 // OPAK
  • 08 // AST
  • 11 // BADLANDS

all tracks written and produced by the nest /// published by copyright control /// c + p albumlabel 2014

VIDEO: The Nest - Kairos


Aug 4th   - DE - Berlin - Krake Festival (live)
Okt 10th  - DE - Cologne – Stadtgarten (live)
Okt 11th  - NL - Rotterdam – Worm (live)
Okt 13th  - NL - Kopenhagen – Jazzhouse (live)
Okt 14th  - DE - Hamburg – Golem (live)
Okt 18th  - PL - Wroclaw – Avabtart Festival (live)
Okt 25th  - DE - Leipzig – UT Connewitz (live)

more to be announced...