Ofrin Brin aka OFRIN was born in 1981 in Israel, where she grew up. She has been living and working as an artist in Berlin since 2005.

She released her debut album ‘Rust & Velvet’ in 2005, followed by the LP ‘On Shore Remain’ (2008), a collaboration with producer and keyboardist Eddie Stevens (Moloko, Roisin Murphy, Zero 7). The album was funded by Initative Musik and published by Freibank (Marc Chung, Sony BMG).

Ofrin has been working as a solo musician since 2011. For the first time, she fulfilled her dream of producing a comprehensive musical-visual project, ‘The Bringer,’ and presented the music in a conceptual performance at the sold-out Babylon-Kino in Berlin in March 2012.

During the production of her album in summer 2012, the artist was signed to ‘Kreismusik,’ the label of hip-hop duo ‘Shaban feat. Käptn Peng.’ The album was then released in April 2013. Robert Gwisdek aka Peng says about this decision:

"Ofrin makes very, very beautiful music. But that’s not the main thing. Ofrin could also record an album with triangle solos and we would still want to release it on our label. Ofrin has a vision, a world. I perceive her music as an almost dangerous attempt to hypnotize as a way of opening this world into others. Just when you think you’ve seen through her, she jumps up from behind and draws you into a trance-like, wonderful, wild vortex that gently seizes you, challenges you and lifts you up. Ofrin is not just music. Ofrin is Odysseus and the Sirens in one."

The artist went on tour in 2014 with author Frank Schätzing, appearing at his readings as a special guest. From the written announcement: “This lively atmospheric image is enhanced by Israeli singer OFRIN, who is accompanying the author on his tour. The soul of Israel is tangible in the powerful voice of the artist and the songs she has written. ‘OFRIN embodies the young Israel I got to know on my research travels: open, unconventional and unique,’ says the author.”

The recordings currently underway got off to a start in 2015. ‘Ore’ is very much after her own heart, still encompassed by her gift for conceptual art – a relief emerges beyond the sound in words and images. Ofrin and Marco Haas aka T.Raumschmiere joined forces to co-produce her new album ‘Ore,’ which will be released on Albumlabel in May 2016.