The Nest


Bandmembers: Christoph Clöser (Bohren & der Club of Gore), Tycho Schottelius (Desmond Denker), Thomas Mahmoud & Gerald Mandl (Tannhäuser Sterben & das Tod)

THE NEST was established in 2011. Comprising of Christoph Clöser (“Bohren & der Club of Gore”), Tycho Schottelius (“Desmond Denker”), Thomas Mahmoud and Gerald Mandl (both “Tannhäuser Sterben & das Tod”), they have created their own blend of electro-acoustic, jazz and noise. Their debut album “Music for Drivers” (Denovali) has been described as: “Highly minimal and with due attention to space and atmosphere, ‘Music For Drivers’ is poised with a sharp ten- sion between contrasting organic and mechanical sound sources; field recordings lend an unpre- dictability and sense of atmospheric breadth while their patiently attuned playing paints the space between with ethereal, otherworldly strokes of synthesizer, saxophone and electronics, constant- ly morphing between moods which are never quite just dark and light, maybe best described in terms of psychedelic, hallucinatory light shows.” (Boomkat)
With the idea to transform this material even further, the band has self-released a remix-cassette album (“Music from Co-Drivers”), featuring a carefully selected bunch of experienced collabora- tors, musically ranging from Breakcore, Dubstep, to New Wave and Experimental Music. Whilst their debut album was driven by the clarification of areas and fields the new album SAYWEENJOY (ALB003) - to be released in summer 2014 - focusses on the more melodic and rhythmical structures of THE NEST’s very own musical language. The band is available for booking.


  • Music For Drivers Denovali Records 2012
  • Music From Co-Drivers Not On Label (The Nest Self-released) 2013